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Outreach centres


Razia Rural Health Training Center (RHTC), Harekala is located at a distance of about 12 kms from Yenepoya Medical College, Deralkatte. The population covered by RHTC is about 30,045 across five village Panchayat areas namely Harekala, Pavoor, Amblamogaru, Boliyar and Phajeer. The center provides outpatient department and referral serviceson a 24X7 basis supported by emergency ambulance services free of cost. Specialty services from the Department of Obstetrics Gynaecology and Paediatrics are provided on a weekly basis. The outreach services are delivered in the form of camps at eight fixed sites in the panchayat areas on Wednesday and Saturday once a month. Around 1250 families in and around the RHTC area are being provided with free specialty treatment including surgeries and post-operative surgical care at Yenepoya Medical College hospital. The center currently is implementing the Health and Demographic Survey in its field practice area.

*List of Orphanages:

1. Al-Madeena Yatheem Khana Manjanady, Mangalore
2. Aloysian Boys Home Nehru Nagara Someshwar 
3. Infant Jesus Mary Hill Konchady Mangalore
4. Khairiya Shelter Babbukatte, Mangalore
5. Prajna Fit Institution Marnamikatte Mangalore
6. Ramakrishna Mission Mangaladevi Road Mangalore
7. St.Angela Home Bejai Mangalore 
8. Stella Marys Orphanage Someshwar 
9. Nooraniya Yatheem Khana Kumpala Mangalore
10.Pachambala Banyodu



Department of Community Medicine manages the Urban Health Training Centre in Bunder, which is situated 9 kilometers from Yenepoya Medical College and covers a population of 21,541. The centre is under the administrative control of Principal, Yenepoya Medical College and functions as per the norms set by the National Medical Commission. The services provided at the center include outpatient services, basic laboratory facilities, immunization, ante-natal clinic, school health services, non-communicable Diseases (NCD) clinic, specialist services on select days, training of interns to function as primary health care physicians and implementation of national health programs.