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The department of Nephrology was started in 2012.  In these years, it has achieved many milestones starting from facilities like Hemodialysis including sustained low-efficiency Dialysis [SLED], Maintenance hemodialysis and dialysis for acute kidney injury.  The department has 17 Hemodialysis machines, including two each dedicated for serology positive patients and MICU patient.  Department provides state of art facilities at a very affordable cost to patients of all strata, mainly with low socioeconomic status.  Some of the facilities include CAPD, Plasmapheresis intermittent peritoneal dialysis, tunneled catheters, Pediatric Nephrology, temporary catheters, renal biopsy, a renal transplant programme both live and Cadaver. 


  • STATE OF ART FACILITIES, of international standards, in patient care.
  • To be a pioneer in academics and research.


Affordable cost for all nephrology services, irrespective of caste, gender, creed, race and religion.


1.    2013 – Center to get recognition for live related and first center for cadaveric renal transplantation in the city.
2.    2015 – First live related renal transplant conducted successfully.
3.    2015 – Yen Organ donation Pledge card launched and second live related renal transplant conducted.
4.    2016 – first Cadaver Renal Transplant 
5.    2017 – completed successfully about 25 Renal Transplant
6.    Crossed 1200 dialysis per month. 
7.    Yen Kidney Card 
8.    2018 – first Robotic Kidney Transplant