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The Department of Anatomy offers a robust Anatomy education for over 150 undergraduate students pursuing course in Medicine through a combination of didactic and hands-on cadaveric dissection in various branches of Anatomy such as Gross Anatomy, histology, Osteology, radiology, Embryology and Genetics which forms a basis for Medical Career. Dissection remains the main modality of study for identifying anatomical structures. The departmental research portfolio includes student’s research projects and publications from the staff.


  • Gross and Developmental Anatomy is a first year course designed to provide students with a fundamental working knowledge of normal human gross and developmental anatomy as a basis for the practice of medicine.
  • To provide an opportunity for medical students who distinguish themselves in Human Anatomy undertake research based training in Anatomy.
  • To provide training as would enable them to sub-specialize in anatomy at an early stage of their career.

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