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Respiratory Medicine

The department of Respiratory Medicine was established in the year 1999 and caters to 150 MBBS students, 1 Respiratory Medicine postgraduate per year.

The goal of the department is to provide best of class diagnostics and treatment to patients with Respiratory Diseases along with providing state of the art education, training & research in the field of Respiratory Medicine. The department is well equipped with Bronchoscopy, Spirometer and advanced DLCO to meet the current need of the hour in Respiratory Medicine.

The Academic activities, teaching & clinical training, research has been steadily increasing and improving over a period of time. The Board of Studies formulates the curriculum. Currently the department comprises of 5 faculty members, which includes 1 Professor, 1 Associate Professor, 1 Assistant Professor and 2 Senior Resident and 1 Junior Resident. The department is involved in the teaching of undergraduate students from various disciplines such as M.B.B.S. and B.P.T and BSc Respiratory Therapy. The Postgraduate course (MD) was started in the year 2007. 12 post graduates have finished MD (Respiratory Medicine) in the department. The department conducts guest lectures, conferences, observes important Health days pertaining to Respiratory diseases.


  • To be one of the premier medical institutions in the country based on our education, scientific investigation and health care delivery.


  • Strive to provide outstanding clinical care, which is comprehensive, affordable, and delivered compassionately, appropriately responsibly, and efficiently.
  • The patient care provided will be done in a manner that supports and advances education and research.


  • Patient Care:  Strive to provide outstanding clinical care, which is comprehensive and affordable and delivered compassionately, appropriately, responsibly and efficiently. The patient care provided will be done in a manner that supports and advances education and research.
  • Education: The College will strive to produce outstanding medical teachers, physicians and scientists. This will be done by providing quality education to the students, residents, postgraduate and post doctoral trainees, practicing physicians and the public that integrates the latest research advances with the best clinical practice
  • Research: To advance knowledge about health and behavior and to make discoveries leading to improved prevention and treatment of clinical disorders, including education of Care givers and the delivery of health services


  • Conduct awareness & outreach programs (for diseases like tuberculosis/COPD etc) on a quarterly basis.
  • Conduct screening camps for early detection and prevention of diseases in high risk groups, for example – Bronchogenic Carcinoma & COPD in smokers.
  • Expansion & more effective implementation of NTEP in the community by providing health education programs, thereby increasing Case finding and Cure rate. 
  • Providing state-of- art management options for patients with respiratory diseases; according to the latest evidence based guidelines by ACCP/ATS/ERS/NCCP etc.
  • Conduct teaching programs in Pulmonary Medicine on a regular basis to train undergraduate and postgraduate students according to Medical Council of India norms

Courses Offered

  • Undergraduate: MBBS – 150 seats / year
  • Postgraduate: M.D in Respiratory Medicine - 1 seat / year
  • PhD: Inter-disciplinary - 1  seat / year (1/Guide)