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Established in 1999 and postgraduate programme (MD) was started in 2013.


  • Implement basic Physiology knowledge, link clinical aspects in Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs
  • Excel in clinical research building leaders
  • Abide by possible innovative Teaching Learning methods and assessment in delivering Physiology curriculum


  • Impart knowledge of molecular basis of life and disease using latest technology
  • Encourage student participation in research and conferences
  • Faculty training for research and in educational technology
  • Inculcate regular practice of yoga among students 
  • Offer specialised consultations in cardio-respiratory and neurosciences 

Core competencies:

  •  Technology aided student centric teaching- learning -evaluation methods
  • Clinically oriented integrated undergraduate teaching
  • Comprehensive postgraduate teaching and training
  • Fostering research in applied physiology and educational technology
  • Promote  research collaborations

Key features:

Best practices in undergraduate teaching:

  • Outcome based educational framework has been adapted for UG, PG teaching in the department. Competencies have been identified which are mapped to course outcomes and  program outcomes and their attainment are calculated.
  • Implementation of simulation based horizontally integrated teaching learning activity of cardiovascular system and respiratory system at state-of-the-art, simulation facility, ACTSYEN.
  • Implementation of customized student learning inventory for smooth transition of slow learners to advanced learners by offering remedial/ corrective measures to students facing difficulty in academic activities.         
  • Advanced learners module for encouraging deep learning and research / inquiry oriented approach towards concepts related to health and disease
  • Technology assisted teaching-learning-evaluation and feedback for acquisition of skills in clinical examinations of subjects.
  • Student- centric team-based mind mapping sessions for promoting team dynamics and deep learning in various systems of Physiology

Facilities: Department of Physiology is well equipped with adequate infrastructure and facilities.(Annexure 1)

Publications (from 2012 till date)The department faculty have numerous publications in various national and international journals of repute with the number of citation index (WOS) 1.27, H index 2 and total citation 14.(Annexure 2)

Awards and recognitionsDepartment of Physiology has well trained and able medical educationists and research guides who are in the forefront of curricular delivery and medical research. They have been recognized and awarded in various platforms of repute. (Annexure 3)

Conferences/workshops/short courses organized: Department of Physiology has organized an international e conference on recent advances in medical sciences (RAMSIECON-2021) in July 2021. We are actively involved in organizing various faculty development workshops related to research and medical education.  

Value added course :Department of Physiology offers a value added course “Yoga for beginners”. This course is to train the candidate in a holistic manner developing the skills and abilities to practice yoga. Yogic practices like  breathing techniques, Asanas, Pranayama, Meditation techniques which enhances one’s Energy, Concentration, Memory and Ingenuity, and makes one to be in  tune with individual consciousness and Universal consciousness.

About the discipline:

Human Physiology deals with the study of normal function of human body. It is the science of life. It enables to create a strong framework for the understanding of basic body functioning. This subject will help to shape the understanding of the components of human body, how they communicate, and how they combine their efforts to make conditions favourable for survival. The main purpose of Physiology teaching is to create a cadre of professionals who are competent to meaningfully comprehend common clinical conditions of deranged normal physiology in body and to contribute enhanced understandings of physiological knowledge in medical research and patient care.

Programs run by the department: Department of Physiology offers and supports various programs in medicine and allied health. (Annexure 4)

Additional Faculty