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“Striving to deliver excellent orthopaedic care and make the department one of the best”

•    Overview of the department : 
Department of orthopaedics has 3 units as functioning with 2 OPD’s for each unit and 6 Operation theatres. There are around 120 patients visit the OPD everyday routinely. We cater patients from north Kerala, north Karnataka and local patients. 

We have arthroplasty clinic which provides:-
-    Total hip replacement, 
-    Total shoulder replacement
-    Total knee replacement
-    Total elbow replacement

Sports medicine specialities which provide:-
-    Arthroscopic Knee ligament reconstruction surgeries
-    Arthroscopic shoulder surgeries

Spine speciality which provides:-
-    Deformity corrective surgeries
-    Minimal invasive surgeries
-    Endoscopic spinal surgeries

We have dedicated trauma centre which caters polytrauma patients which includes:-
-    Complex trauma fixation
-    Limb reconstruction surgeries
-    Micro vascular surgeries
-    Soft tissue reconstructions

Paediatric speciality which provides:-
-    Deformity correction

•    Programs run by the department: 
-    MBBS - 4½ years
-    MS Ortho – 3 years
-    Certificate course in spine surgery – 6 months 
-    Planning for Arthroscopy and Sportsmedicine fellowship in future.

•    Core competencies (Planning to get)
1.    Navigated replacement surgeries.
2.    3D printings for replacement surgeries.
3.    Sports medicine lab.
4.    Neuro monitoring spinal surgeries.
5.    Endoscopic spinal surgeries.

•    Key features:
1.    Training undergraduates, interns and Postgraduates by simulation lab.
2.    Arthroscopic training by Allen model.
3.    Arthroplasty training by Saw bone model.
4.    Handling of first Aid care and managing poly trauma by using medical mannequins.
5.    State of art patient care by providing high end surgeries.

•    About the discipline:
-    To maintain positive atmosphere among the staff.
-    To inculcate research methodology in department. 
-    To cultivate evidence based orthopaedic approach for complex cases.