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Geriatric Medicine

Department of Geriatric Medicine became an independent department on 01-01-2017, offering the following services which include clinical services, contribution to MBBS education, conducting Palliative care courses with emphasis on Geriatrics. The department also has prepared curriculum for M.D Geriatrics Course and also a Post M.D. Fellowship course which is approved by the University.

The Yenepoya Medical College Geriatric Services for the year 2017-2018 was recognised by the Government of Karnataka by a State award of Rs 1 lakh and a plaque, from the Chief Minister of Karnataka, at World Elder’s Day Celebrations on 01-10-2018.

Dr. Prabha Adhikari received the ‘National Appreciation Award’ for maximum Geriatric activities in South zone for the year 2017-2018, awarded by the Geriatric Society of India on 27-10-2018 at National Conference of Geriatric Society of India 2018.


Clinical Services:

  • Out Patient Services: Department offers daily OPD services with comprehensive geriatric assessment of all the elderly. We do Memory assessments, Mental health and Depression assessment, Frailty assessment & Healthy Ageing Counseling, Fall risk assessment and Incontinence evaluation. We also review Poly-pharmacy and optimise medication management. Special clinics have been initiated for running for these evaluations. Vaccination clinic has been started for immunising elderly with flu, pneumococcal, herpes zoster & tetanus vaccinations. Palliative care services have started since 2019. Patients are jointly assessed by a multidisciplinary team comprising of a Geriatrician, Social worker, Psychiatrist and a Physiotherapist. 
  • In Patient Services: Department has 30 beds for inpatient care which include critical care beds, acute care beds, and long term care beds in addition to general beds for care. Dedicated Geriatric physiotherapy services were also added.
  • Community Services: Community services were started by both Nursing College and Medical Colleges in association with Community medicine department. Department has networked with all organisations caring for the elderly. Department has MOU - with Susheg Trust for Neuro-palliative care, with regular doctor’s visits & Olavinahalli rehab center, Kinya & Sri Sai Seva Pratistanam, Daigoli - for geriatric services. We do memory testing for all the senior citizens during the month of September in association with PAGE (Peoples Association for Geriatric Empowerment).
  • Home care services: Have been started within a limit of 30kms, which is functional from 22-03-2020. Home lab sample collection, home delivery of drugs, home nursing care, physiotherapy and doctor visits have also been started. Renting of oxygen, nebuliser, Fowlers cot, suction apparatuses and air bed also started on 01-04-2020. Home COVID sample collection for Rapid antigen and RT- PCR tests has also been started at a cost of Rs.5000/. 
  • Telemedicine consultation: We have started a Teleconsultation facility where the elder’s needs are addressed by the faculty.
  • Health Check-Up Camps: In addition to routine health check up camps, department conducts memory assessment camps and has made Active ageing groups by training volunteers in the camp areas. Online Yoga training sessions are also going on daily.
  • Current Academic Year Infrastructure facility: In addition to the  beds that  have been allotted in IPD,  dedicated OPD area with 3 rooms, Seminars hall, Faculty rooms have been added to make it a NMC recognised department.

To develop Yenepoya Geriatric Medicine department as a centre of National excellence in the field of geriatrics and gerontology.

To provide the highest standard of comprehensive, compassionate and ethical diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive clinical and community services to the elderly population on an affordable and easily accessible manner.
To develop into a teaching centre of eminence in the field of geriatrics & gerontology. 

To provide geriatric health care of highest quality at the hospital, home & community level in an elder-friendly environment.
To provide acute & long term care of elderly, especially for conditions grouped under ‘modern geriatric giants’.
To develop into a centre of repute imparting effective training to the medical graduates in the field of geriatrics & gerontology.


  • To provide Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment of all elderly attending clinics.
  • To provide Speciality clinics liaising with allied specialties to extend the scope of services to attend the ‘modern geriatric giants’
  • To adopt Preventive strategies by training the elderly, their care givers and community volunteers in active ageing programs, daily physical exercises, yoga sessions.
  • To provide Home care by a multidisciplinary team of doctors & ancillary personnel.
  • To conduct Awareness camps by celebrating world elder abuse awareness day (June 15th), world senior citizen day (Aug 21st), world Alzheimer day (Sept 21st) and month, & international day of the older persons (Oct 1st). 
  • To implement National policies for the benefit of elderly & prevention of elder abuse.
  • To help reduce the caregiver burden by effective training of caregivers, community workers – especially in conditions like Dementia.
  • To provide good Telemedicine consultation for elderly who can’t make frequent clinic visits.


Academic Services:

  • To train the Indian Medical Graduate (IMG) to the needs of the growing Indian elders population with the aim of teaching the 22 core competencies pertaining to the field of geriatrics, mentioned in the MCI CBME document (2018), by faculty from Geriatric department.
  • To train the IMG in Palliative care basics with emphasis on geriatrics.
  • To start MD Geriatric Medicine course.


Courses offered

Certificate course on Palliative care with emphasis on Geriatric care with Basic Module  and Advanced care module 
Intake capacity :  30 students  twice a year


Services offered:

  • Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment and Rehabilitation
  • Memory Testing & Screening for Depression
  • Vaccination Clinic 
  • Incontinence Assessment
  • Polypharmacy  consultation 
  • Falls & Fracture Risk Assessment
  • Frailty  Assessment 
  • Supportive Care, Long Term Care, Palliative Care
  • Chronic Diseases  management 
  • Healthy Ageing Counselling

Speciality Clinic:              

  • Memory Clinic                Wednesdays   
  • Falls Clinic on                 Fridays 
  • Incontinence Clinic        Mondays 
  • Vaccination Clinic on     Tuesdays

Extension Telephone No: 2374, 2376.

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